​Artisan Fresh Fruit Vinegars

Step 1: Harvest

 ​Suburban Harvest  believes in good food, and good food requires quality ingredients. Our vinegar is made from fresh fruit from the Central Valley of California. We use local farmers, neighbors, friends, and friends of friends to locate fruit.  Often, we find fruit that would normally be lost. We harvest with our own two hands.  With those same hands, we process the fruit and slowly craft it into our delicious vinegars. Nothing goes to waste. Sustainability is important to us, and what better than to take what would normally be lost or forgotten and create something that is uniquely delicious.

Fresh fruit vinegar crafted in the centuries-old Orleans method

Step 2: Process
Step 4:  Bottle
​​Step 3: Age

Vinegar Varietals

All Suburban Harvest vinegars are made from fresh fruit.  No fruit syrups are used.  As a result, the true essence of the fresh fruit is allowed to enhance and balance the flavor profile of any dish.  See our recipe page for some new ideas.  Then, select the varietal that will best suit your palate.

Apricot:   Bright and clear, with a subtle "apricotness".  Wonderful with fresh vegetables or as an ending addition to lightly sautéd greens.

Balsamic:  Dark and sweet, our balsamic is crafted from Flame Tokay grapes and is slowly aged in barrels of American oak, French oak, Portuguese chestnut and Romanian acacia.

Blueberry:  Beautifully colored and full of blueberry fruit solids.  When reduced to a syrup, this variety makes an amazing counter-point to a summer fruit salad or a yogurt parfait dessert.

Cherry:  The essence of springtime, the cherry varietal is considered one of our "light" varietals.  The essence of the cherry provides an indescribable "something" when used with fresh cut tomatoes or a garden salad.

Fig:  With the complexities of a fine wine, the fig varietal is often the favorite of chef's who search farmer's markets, looking for that special ingredient.

Flame Tokay:  The varietal with the highest vinegar content.  The Flame Tokay (the grapes pictured in the side margins) will fully enhance the colors of fresh vegetable's or a garden salad.

Mulberry:  The Mulberry features a high level of fruit solids, resulting in a big fruit flavor.  Looking black while in the bottle, the rich RED that results from it's use is quite surprising.  This varietal makes a great "shrub" drink.